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We Got Apps is a leading web design and hosting company. We offer hosting and development services, and our servers are monitored and supported 24/7.

Whether you need a small presence on the web or are looking for a customized web application, We Got Apps is your source.

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  • Web Hosting

    We Got Apps hosts all types of websites from blogs to business sites to customized applications.  Compare our plans and find one for you.

  • Web Design

    We give free consultations to anyone looking to host with us.  If you need a professional design or just help with a template, contact us.

  • Custom Development

    No projects are too small or too large for us to tackle.  If you have an idea for a web application for your business or personal use, contact us.

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  • No More Confusion

    1 March, 2012

    No more confusion. Sign up for your Web Hosting plan. We'll contact you and customize the options to your needs.

  • UNIX Hosting Support

    11 December, 2011

    Build it. A customized site for $50 start-up.


  • They really spent the time getting my site formatted the way I wanted.  I have had no problems with the hosting service or support. I definitely recommend.

    James, Pittsburgh, PA