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We Got Apps is a leading web design and hosting company. We offer hosting and development services, and our servers are monitored and supported 24/7.

Whether you need a small presence on the web or are looking for a customized web application, We Got Apps is your source.

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Our Services

  • Web Hosting

    We Got Apps hosts all types of websites from blogs to business sites to customized applications.  Compare our plans and find one for you.

  • Web Design

    We give free consultations to anyone looking to host with us.  If you need a professional design or just help with a template, contact us.

  • Custom Development

    No projects are too small or too large for us to tackle.  If you have an idea for a web application for your business or personal use, contact us.

Why Choose We Got Apps ?

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    This is what we do

    We are not an ISP that hosts your site as an extra feature.  We are not a tech support company looking for one more service to offer.  We are programmers who design websites.  It's our profession and our only focus.  You can always be assured your site is in the hands of experienced  and knowledgable staff providing you the design and support you need.

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    You matter to us

    Our business relies on long-term commitments.  We are interested in helping you get setup, hosting your website, and supporting you as you move forward.  The only way for us to keep you in the long run is to consistently satisfy your needs.  Whether you're a small client hosting a simple blog or a large corporation, we want to help you as you grow. 

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    We like to talk

    We design websites and develop applications.  We like to talk about new ideas and make them happen.  Contact us to discuss any project ideas you have.  We can figure out how to modify a template you found for your blog.  We'll build a custom application for your business.  We can even work with you to build a facebook app.

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    Support you can trust

    Our websites are hosted on redundant servers monitored 24/7 by a team of professionals.  We use a fully-staffed call center available around-the-clock, and a web-based help desk to handle all incoming issues.  All of your issues will be reviewed by a staff developer to ensure they are handled quickly and to your satisfaction.  Keeping you happy is what keeps us in business.

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  • No More Confusion

    1 March, 2012

    No more confusion. Sign up for your Web Hosting plan. We'll contact you and customize the options to your needs.

  • UNIX Hosting Support

    11 December, 2011

    Build it. A customized site for $50 start-up.


  • They really spent the time getting my site formatted the way I wanted.  I have had no problems with the hosting service or support. I definitely recommend.

    James, Pittsburgh, PA